Altus 807E

Altus 807E


Dwarsfluit Altus 807E, zilveren lipplaat, E-mechaniek, gesloten kleppen, C-voet

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Dwarsfluit Altus 907 E,  zilveren kopstuk, E-mechaniek, gesloten kleppen, C-voet

Altus 907E
Artikelnummer: 1DF0AU0900VGE


Dwarsfluit Altus 807 E/RE, zilveren lipplaat, open kleppen, E-mechaniek, C-voet

Altus 807 E/RE
Artikelnummer: 1DF0AU0800VOE


Dwarsfluit Altus 807 RBE, zilveren lipplaat, open kleppen, E-mechaniek, B-voet

Altus 807 RBE
Artikelnummer: 1DF0AU080HVOE


Dwarsfluit Pearl 765E-1R, Quantz serie, zilveren kopstuk en body, E-mech, C voet

Pearl 765E-1R
Artikelnummer: 1DF0PR765E


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’’World famous handmade flutes’’

About Altus

Since many years the ALTUS Company, founded by Shuichi Tanaka, produces handmade flutes in the town of Azumino in Japan.

ALTUS is one of the most innovative companies when it comes to alloying and new ways of construction. The flute is looked upon as a piece of art, and ALTUS is relying on the European tradition of flute craftsmanship (Lot and Boehm).

ALTUS Handmade Flutes are outstanding instruments due to their precise intonation, the exact mechanics and most of all the richness of tones. People around the world who play ALTUS always emphasize these aspects.


Through the careful selection of materials and the Altus dedication to handmade craftsmanship, the Artist Series achieves an unparalleled balance between performance quality and affordability.

Artist Series flutes feature handmade silver-plated mechanisms well-known for their hardness, strength and durability without sacrificing exceptional fluidity and feel. The extruded body tubes maintain a standard thickness and include drawn tones holes and the Altus-Bennett scale.

Other standard features include stainless steel springs and French-pointed keys, Each flute comes in a French style leatherette covered wood case with a zippered, fleece lined cover and a shoulder strap.

Soprano Flute

The ALTUS Basic Model 807 is an elegant and very durable flute. Equipped with everything the advanced musician expects, this instrument captivates with its excellent qualities of sound and its exquisitely intoned ALTUS scale.

  • Handmade silver plated nickel silver flute

  • S-Cut headjoint

  • Handmade 925 sterling silver lipplate and riser

  • Drawn toneholes

  • Special soldered C#-hole riser

  • Stainless steel springs

  • Pitch 442 Hz

Available with:

  • C- or B-foot

  • Closed or open holes

  • Inline or offset