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Palmer, Carl (UK)


Carl Palmer (born Carl Frederick Kendall Palmer, on March 20, 1950, in Handsworth, Birmingham) is an English drummer and percussionist. He is often credited as one of the most respected and influential Rock drummers of all time. Palmer is a veteran of a number of British bands, including The Crazy World of Arthur Brown, Atomic Rooster, Emerson, Lake & Palmer, and Asia. He has also contributed to works by Mike Oldfield.

One frequent point of confusion relates to Palmer's work with The Crazy World of Arthur Brown. He was the touring drummer with the group, but was not the drummer on the group's album The Crazy World of Arthur Brown. Drachen Theaker was the drummer on the album, but his fear of flying meant that he was not able to tour with the group, and thus Palmer became a member of the band.

Following his departure from The Crazy World of Arthur Brown, Palmer joined up with Vincent Crane to form Atomic Rooster. Palmer played on just one album before departing for Emerson, Lake, and Palmer. Palmer remained with ELP until their circa 1979 breakup. He followed with a new band called P.M. and left that project in favor of Asia with former members of Yes, King Crimson, and Buggles. Palmer and Emerson combined again, this time with American guitarist and singer Robert Berry, to form a group called 3. The trio released one relatively unsuccessful album in 1987.

Palmer later rejoined the newly-reformed ELP in 1992 for Black Moon, In the Hot Seat, a box set, as well as several DVDs and the subsequent tours. Following the final break-up of ELP in 1998, Palmer is touring off with his Carl Palmer Band featuring Paul Bielatowicz on guitar and Stuart Clayton on bass. In addition to these tours, he has released four "new" albums, most notably Working Live Vol. I & II as well as an anthology album.

Although none of the groups Palmer performed with are yet in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, Palmer's 2½ ton stainless steel drum set is, after being purchased and donated by Ringo Starr.