Flute Centre

Vera Baadjou

Vera Baadjou is medical specialist in physical medicine & rehabilitation, she specialized in the treatment of musicians with musculoskeletal complaints.

Vera works for Adelante, located at the Maastricht University Medical Centre (MUMC+). She is chair of the arts team of MUMC+: a group of doctors and therapists with specific interest for and expertise in the treatment of musicians and dancers.
This group consist further of an ear-nose-throat physician, orthopedic surgeon, physiotherapist, postural exericse therapist, speech therapist, and psychologist.
Vera defended her PhD thesis in 2018 entitled: “Prevention of musculoskeletal complaints in musicians”.
She conducts scientific research with the goal to ameliorate health of musicians together in a team with international researchers. Vera is a member of the Dutch Performing Arts Medicine Association. She regularly conducts health workshops a.o. at the conservatory Zuyd and local music schools.
Music-making is an athletic endeavour consisting of complex, integrated physical and mental processes. Highly prevalent complaints are pain, tinglings, numbness, or lack of control over muscles. Common complaints among fluitists include the arm, neck, shoulders and back area. Vera will lecture during the Flute festival on the biology of flute playing: what is the physical load on the body? What muscles are used during flute playing and what is the importance of body posture, hand position, etc.? What is the current state of the arts in science regarding healthy music making? How to prevent complaints?