Flute Centre


What happens when five flutists from Prussia, Hungary, Bavaria and the Rhineland meet in the glamorous Saxon music metropolis of Leipzig?It forms a lively, spirited, spirited, high-profile professional flute ensemble - QUINTESSENZ!

For more than 20 years we play together now - the enthusiasm for the flute sound connects us as on the first day, and through the diversity of our cast our creativity and joy of playing is always fanned anew.We are resident in the Gewandhaus Orchestra in Leipzig, in the MDR Symphony Orchestra Leipzig and in the Staatskapelle Halle / Saale. Here we find our inspiration for the interplay and have already taken quite a few "favorite pieces" from our daily work into the quintessential repertoire.Unusual is our line-up: from piccolo to bass flute and several special instruments, we offer the diversity of the entire flute family, as well as our own arrangements, commissioned works and concert formats!