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Nuno Aroso

(...) Nuno Aroso teaches matter the privilege of sound and places himself between Man and His great relationship with art in its most inscrutable form, that abstract and thrilling race for music (...) Valter Hugo Me.

A percussionist dedicated to contemporary creation, Nuno Aroso was born in Porto in 1978. His solo career has taken on a fundamental role in his artistic life. Strongly focused on the exploration of new techniques, renewed instrumental resources and the scenic aspects inherent in percussion performance, Nuno Aroso inspires and actively collaborates with numerous composers front the most varied aesthetic fields and parts of the world, resulting in the growth of personal and idiosyncratic repertoire, contributing simultaneously to the development of percussion. Particularly motivated by the enrichment and renewal of the concept of the concert as a whole experience, he frequently forms artistic relationships with other disciplines: Dance, Cinema, Theatre and Literature. In 2001, he was awarded with the Merit Prize of the António de Almeida Foundation and in 2008 he was given a Creators Grant by The National Centre for Culture for the project Technicolor, a solo percussion cd with 6 world first recordings, emerged in the world of cinema. He has been a member of Drumming - Percussion Group, since 1999, Oficina Musical soloist and invited musician of the Remix Ensemble.

As a soloist, and chamber musician he premiered over 80 works and recorded a great deal of this repertoire for some of the most important contemporary music labels. He gives performances alongside the most prominent artists, maestros, groups and composers of today, on the most important stages and festivals in Portugal, France, Germany, Belgium, Spain, Italy, Slovenia, Brazil, China and Thailand, South Africa. The projects for the coming season include numerous solo recordings, as well as world premieres of a great many composers of today, and appearances on national and international stages.

Having completed the percussion course at The Professional Music School of Espinho, Nuno Aroso entered the Superior Music School of Porto. He completed his degree in 2001 with the highest mark in the final recital. After, he followed the “Course de Specialization” in Marimba and Vibraphone, at the “Conservatoire National de Strasbourg. Throughout his studies he attended numerous courses and master classes in percussion and contemporary music, seeking fundamental references in the contemporary music scene. In Paris, with Jean Pierre Drouet, he approached the repertoire of musical theatre. In parallel, he is an CITAR investigator on percussion issues and is working on his doctorate “The Narrative of Gesture - Contemporary Music for Percussion”. Nuno Aroso is frequently invited to teach masterclasses and seminars in summer percussion academies and international courses. He is percussion professor in a challenging pedagogic project at Minho University in Portugal.

Nuno is an Adams Artist and plays an Adams Alpha marimba and Artist vibraphone.

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