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Liset Pennings

Yoga voor Musici

Yoga for musicians

Liset Pennings developed a yoga course specifically designed for musicians. While playing musical instruments requires keeping an unbalanced position for a long time, Yoga for musicians focuses on rebalancing the body through different exercices and raising the self-awareness to prevent injuries. Specific attention is given to the lower back, neck, shoulders and wrists, which are of significant importance in the practice of music. Finally, series of breathing and concentration exercices will clear the path to calm the mind.

Flutist Liset Pennings plays regularly with the Netherlands Philharmonic Orchestra (NedPhO), Netherlands Chamber Orchestra and the Metropole Orchestra. She has also appeared as principal flute of the London Philharmonic Orchestra.

In 2017 Liset Pennings completed her yoga studies and developed Yoga for musicians. Since then, she had the pleasure to teach members of the NedPhO, North Netherlands Orchestra, the Ballet Orchestra and the Orchestra of the Royal Air Force. She also gave workshops for the Netherlands Youth Wind Orchestra, Flutopia flute festival and Zaandam's Music School Fluxus. Liset Pennings currently teaches flute and yoga at the Conservatory of Tilburg and the Music School van Ingen in Purmerend.