Flute Centre

IFSB Flute day at Adams

19 January 2019 - 09:00 - 17:00 Hours

Are you between 8 and 88 years old ?
Would you like to improve your flute skills ?
Would you like to learn more about playing piccolo, alto flute of bass flute ?
Are you considering a professional flute career and would you like to meet teachers of Flemish and Dutch conservatoires ?
Would you like to meet new flute friends ?
Or are you looking forward to an unforgettable flute day ?

If so, join us on our IFSB Festival Day on 19/01 in the Adams Flute Centre in Ittervoort.

The teaching staff with Aldo Baerten, Robert Pot, Blaž Snoj and Peter Verhoyen are assisted by Alexander technique teacher Helga Henckens and course pianists Stefan De Schepper and Pieter-Jan Verhoyen. 

They offer the participants a wide range of activities with warming up, masterclasses, individual lessons, a teachers’ concert and a students’ concert.

Have a look at our website www.ifsb.be and apply for a marvelous flute experience.


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  • Vanda Albota The pianist Vanda Albota was born in Romania and received her first musical education in her homeland.

  • Inge Peters Inge Peters is a very passionate bassoon teacher and also a sought after substitute in both amateur and professional orc...

  • Emily Beynon We are very proud to have Emily Beynon at our Festival again. We all know that she is the outstanding principal flutist...