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Francisca Santana Pérez

Francisca I. Santana Pérez (Telde, Gran Canaria, Spain) starts her musical studies at the age of 9 in her hometown. At the age of 12 she gained access to the Las Palmas Conservatoire where she obtained her Graduate Teaching Degree in Transverse Flute in 1997. Her teachers were Pedro de Armas Falcón and Charina Quintana Pérez.
Moreover, she finishes off her studies at several advanced classes and refresher courses with a number of professionals such as Juana Guillén, Jaime Martín, Antonio Arias, Trevor Wye and Rachel Brown.

In 2010 she earns the Music Training Certificate on the Jacques Dalcroze Method at the Joan Llongueres Institute of Barcelona, a methodology she uses at her Flute, Flute Ensemble and Music Theory lessons. Besides, on she keeps on training since 2010 with the teachers Neus Fernández and Thyerry Hochstätter, directors of PerkImBa from Barcelona (a multidisciplinary company including Music and Movement, Dalcroze Rhythmic Pedagogy, Percussion as a key element to learning, Improvisation as free expression, Plastic Arts and Shows, Creativity and Workshops). She also attends several advanced classes and International Summer Stages, such as the 4th International
Summer Stage “Rhythmic as a Sound Space: The New Circle”, performing at the 150th
anniversary of Jacques Dalcroze (July 2015, Barcelona).

In addition, she has improved her educational and music training with Dalcroze professionals such as Marie-Louise Hatt-Arnold, Anna Allegre, Neus Fernández, Eugenia Arús, Gemma Cunill, Teresa Vasco, Brigitte Witschi, Françoise Beaujon and Iramar Rodríguez. Regarding Orff methodology, she has attended classes with Luchy Mancisidor, Rosa Mª Kucharsky, Mariana di Fonzo, Rodrigo Fernández, Luis García Vázquez, Doug Goodkin, Sofía López-Ibor, Verena Maschat and Águeda Matute. And regarding Orchestra Conducting with George Hurst, Rodolfo Saglimbeni, Denise Ham, Robert Houlihan and Guillermo Valverde.
From 1992 to 2002 she played as a flute soloist by public examination with the Municipal Music Band of Telde City, working as its Conductor for a year. As a performer, she has taken part on different chamber music ensembles, in Las Palmas Symphonic Orchestra, at the Opera Festival, at the Zarzuela Festival and so on.
She started working as a teacher in 1993 in several Schools of Music in Gran Canaria (in towns such as Telde, Ingenio, Guía and Santa Lucía), where she taught flute, flute ensemble, music and movement and music theory. She has also worked as a Secondary School teacher and at the Professional Music Conservatoire.
Since 2001 up to today she has been a Flute, Flute Ensemble and Music Theory teacher at the Municipal School of Music of Santa Lucía in Vecindario (Gran Canaria), where she is also the head teacher. She combines her job with performing in different chamber music ensembles, as well as lecturing at workshops of rhythmic and movement for professionals and higher education music students.