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Dutch World Class Champion Beatrix' will come to Dayton!

In a crowded Indoor Sports Centre, Beatrix' showed more than 2500 people why they will take part in the Independent World Class in Dayton. The brand-new World Class Champion touched the whole crowd with their emotional show! The very last day of the 2011 winterguard competition took place last Saturday in the Indoor Sports Centre in Eindhoven, the Netherlands.

Beatrix' entered the field, as the last unit of the night. The Indoor Sports Centre was packed. From left to right, every seat was occupied. There was a standing ovation even before the members were on the field. Beatrix' brought the Anne Frank product with emotion. The audience, but also the members, did not manage to keep their tears in. This was winterguard and this made worth every bit of the effort needed to perform this program. For the second time, the audience gave a standing ovation and an overwhelming applause followed.

Beatrix' radiated power, emotion and skill and brought the Anne Frank show the way it was meant to be. As a first participant in the Color Guard Nederland World Class, Beatrix’ became Dutch champion
Reports of the whole day, scores and background information can be found on However, the season is not over yet. In a mere 6 days, the group will depart in the direction of Dayton in order to participate in the Winter Guard International World Championships.

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Beatrix ' made a big statement and won the World Class, bringing the more than 2500 people in the hall to tears. Superlatives cannot describe what Beatrix' did this season. Quiet as the wind one moment, followed by deafening waves of applause. The Anne Frank show from Hilversum has written history and became the first ever CGN World Class Champion. On to Dayton!

Beatrix' got the audience off their seats in the afternoon. The people had already come in large numbers to see the Anne Frank program at the afternoon prelims performance. Also at WGI, Beatrix' will now compete in the World Class and this afternoon we got to see why.

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Beatrix ' Winterguard from Hilversum became the first ever champion in the CGN World Class last night. In the sports centre in Eindhoven, Beatrix’ won from the The Pride Senior from Huizen.
In the crowded Indoor Sports Centre in Eindhoven the World Class title went to Hilversum. The difference with the runner up was more than 16 points. It is for the first time this year that there are participants in the World Class of Color Guard Nederland.

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