Adams Percussion

Chimes design and range upgrades

Following the successful design upgrades of other instruments, Adams now presents new Generation II Chime frame designs. In line with previous Generation II esthetic and technical upgrades, including the new Generation II Bass Drum stand and Generation II Professional and Symphonic timpani, these are the chimes of a new era.

The top crown and the base of the chimes have been redesigned. The older ornamental forms have been replaced by modern designs with sleek lines. The round connection rod in the middle has been replaced by a square one, one of the elements that make the new design more robust and stable.

As part of this redesign, Adams has added two new models to the Symphonic and Philharmonic lines. These new models extend the instruments range to a high G for a total of 1.6 octaves to perfectly suit current market needs and repertoire requirements. Both new models will be available soon.

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  • Tomarimbando 17 - 23 July 2017 International Percussion Festival & Competition

  • PASIC 2017 8 - 11 November 2017 Percussive Arts Society International Convention


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