Adams Percussion


Are you a dealer or distributor?

  1. Stop #1

    You can control all the details for you tour stop. Any valid HTML will work inside of Joyride.

  2. Stop #2

    Get the details right by styling Joyride with a custom stylesheet!

  3. Stop #3

    It works right aligned.

  4. Stop #4

    It works as a modal too!

  5. Stop #4.5

    It works with classes, and only on the first visible element with that class.

  6. Stop #5

    Now what are you waiting for? Add this to your projects and get the most out of your apps!

$(window).load(function() { $('#joyRideTipContent').joyride({ autoStart : true, postStepCallback : function (index, tip) { if (index == 2) { $(this).joyride('set_li', false, 1); } }, modal:true, expose: false, tipLocation: 'bottom', // 'top' or 'bottom' in relation to parent nubPosition: 'auto', // override on a per tooltip bases scrollSpeed: 300, // Page scrolling speed in ms timer: 0, // 0 = off, all other numbers = time(ms) startTimerOnClick: false, // true/false to start timer on first click nextButton: true, // true/false for next button visibility tipAnimation: 'fade', // 'pop' or 'fade' in each tip tipAnimationFadeSpeed: 600, // if 'fade'- speed in ms of transition cookieMonster: false, // true/false for whether cookies are used cookieName: 'JoyRide', // choose your own cookie name cookieDomain: false }); });