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Istanbul Mehmet

The brand Istanbul Mehmet exists since the year 1996 previously the company was known from the year 1984 as Istanbul cymbals. The founder of the brand is Mehmet Tamdeger he started at the age of 9 working in the K. Zilcan factory of Mikhail Zilcan in Istanbul. Here he learned the ancient Turkish art of cymbal making from Mikhail Zilcan and Kirkor Kücükyan. The company Istanbul Mehmet makes to following types of drum kit cymbals: hi-hats, rides, crashes, splashes, china's and effect cymbals. Next to these cymbals they also produce marching cymbals, cymbals for orchestra's and gongs.

Vous trouverez ci-dessous une liste des catégories de produits de la marque Istanbul Mehmet.

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