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Oscar Adler, currently building woodwind instruments together with Gebr. Mönnig under the name of Gebr. Mönnig Oscar Adler & Co. Holzblasinstrumentenbau GmbH, is a German based company building handmade bassoons, clarinets, contrabassoons and oboes. With over 130 years of craftsmanship they strive for high standards, with a high degree of reliability and precision, using both modern techniques and traditional handcraftsmanship that has been passed through many generations. With their instruments they support both beginners who just learn how to play an instrument, as well as custom made instruments for professionals and soloists. The founder of Oscar Adler, Franz Oscar Adler, was a third-generation musical instruments craftsman. The company was founded by Franz in 1885, where he located the company in the same building as where his family had their musical instruments manufacturing business. Franz ran the company out of there for around 10 years and relocated the company in 1895 to another building in Markneukirchen. Around 1900 Oscar Adler had employed over 50 employees, making bassoons, clarinets, English horns, flutes and oboes. Oscar Adler was recognized for building the first saxophone in the German-speaking region in 1901. Oscar Adler’s brother-in-law, the Jordan family, started to run the business from 1909 onwards, as he had been an equal partner and mayor contributor in the company since 1896. After the first world war Oscar Adler started to build some instruments with interesting features, like saxophone-keyed clarinets and saxophone-oboe’s. Also special requests regarding key locations from saxophone players were taken into consideration. This probably served a pool of world war 1 veterans with finger injuries. In 1959 Oscar Adler was taken over by the East German state-owned enterprise VEB Blechblas- und Signal-Instrumenten-Fabrik. The VEB controlled what the company was allowed to build and build not. Shortly after the takeover by the VEB, Oscar Adler was only allowed to build oboes and bassoons, so no saxophones anymore. After the reunification of Germany Oscar Adler and another company, Gebr. Mönnig, were reprivatized again. The companies now operate together under the name of Gebr. Mönnig Oscar Adler & Co. Holzblasinstrumentenbau GmbH. The company builds and sells bassoons, clarinets, contrabassoons and oboes under the name of Oscar Adler at the moment and bassoons, English horns and Oboe’s d’amore under the name of Gebrüder Mönnig. Adams offers both bassoons and oboes, where you can choose from a school-, standard-, soloist- and professional model.

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