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Making music is both fun and educational! For children it is very important to come into contact with music at an early stage in their childhood, also at primary schools. Therefore Adams started their own brand ‘Adams Kids’ to introduce the art of (making) music to young children. The instruments of ‘Adams Kids’ are specifically designed for educational purposes, for children from the age of 4. Adams Kids offers an extensive range of percussion instruments, characterized by the high quality, child friendliness and competitive price. The collection consists out of Agogo Bells, Jingle/Sleigh Bells, Boomwhackers, Cajon’s, Castanets, Chimes, Claves, Cowbells, Glockenspiel, Guiros, Hand Drums, Metallophones, Mallets, Maracas, Resonator Bells, Round Chime Bars, Shakers, Tambourines, Triangles, Wood Blocks and Xylophones, all ideal to use in the classroom!

Vous trouverez ci-dessous une liste des catégories de produits de la marque Adams Kids.

Catégories de produits

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