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Traditionally, the double reed festival is used by many suppliers of oboes, bassoons, sheet music and accessories to promote their products at an extensive exhibition.

Double Reed Festival Exhibitors 2022


Staying ever conscious of our desire to achieve the highest quality stands at the forefront of everything we do in building Püchner instruments. For the last 125 years the Püchner family and firm, now in the fourth generation of master-instrument makers, have dedicated ourselves body and soul to the art and craft of manufacturing the finest hand-made woodwind instruments available. Our foundation is our traditional craftsmanship, passed on from generation to generation, refreshed and renewed with the latest technological developments. Hence the name Püchner is synonymous with the very highest professional quality.


Stephan Leitzinger has dedicated himself to building bassoons of the highest quality for 30 years. The foundations of this quality are his passion for the bassoon combined with his accumulated knowledge and instrument building experience. Each bassoon is hand-made by Stephan Leitzinger himself, combining traditional craftsmanship with modern technological advances, to create an instrument that is perfectly suited to each individual musician’s desires.

Reed Machines

All Reed Machines products have the same unique modular design. You don't need separate machines for different reed types. Within your instrument group you can use one base machine with different reed related sets. Due to the modular design, tight tolerances and ease of use you can change over between reed types, or change wear parts, in minutes without losing the necessary high quality. Our products are designed to serve you.


Giovanni Magni in 2006, after almost twenty years of partnership with his teacher and friend maestro Ovidio Danzi, has opened the Mreeds Company in Bergamo (Italy), at the slopes of the Alps.

From 2013 Mreeds is located in Cyprus, little and beautiful island in the east side of the Mediterranean sea because Giovanni got the position of Sub Principal Bassoon of the Cyprus Symphony Orchestra.


ERGOBrass will show their new ERGOBassoon and ERGOboe supports during the festival. It has a great potential to become a real Game Changer on how to hold the bassoon or Oboe when playing. Visit our booth during the festival and experience how it feels to play a weightless bassoon.