Adams Musical Instruments - Together in Music

Flute Choir 40+

Dimanche 24 avril 2022 | 14:45 - 16:15 | Salle de demo

Blow the Flute Festival away together in the Flute Choir? Then sign up and play along under the direction of Rogier de Pijper in the Adams Festival Flute Choir.

Just do it! You will receive the music by email at least two weeks in advance, so that you are well prepared at the start!

Rogier de Pijper started his project Flute Colors in 2011. A project in which Rogier is committed to making modern flute playing techniques accessible to flutists, composers and listeners. In 2016 his book Flute Colors was published with 112 exercises to improve flute playing through the use of modern playing techniques. The book is sold all over the world and its website is visited by thousands of people every month.