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Adams Standard Series GEN2 Chimes

The Standard Series GEN II Chimes feature 36mm Brass Alloy Tubes. While the tube size is smaller than either the Philharmonic or Symphonic Series Chimes, the instrument produces an unbelievably beautiful tone for a very affordable price.

The Adams GEN2 frames have a square cross support bar to eliminate turning of the pedal when in use, and helps make the frame even more secure. The Damper Box has silent operation and a stopper installed, allowing for tubes to ring freely without your foot on the pedal. The tubes are suspended on insulated braided steel hanging cables for maximum sustain. 

Each instrument comes with a long protective vinyl drop cover, and a two-tone mallet with storage pouch. 

Model: BK2201
Tubes: 36 mm brass alloy
Finish: Chrome
Range: 1.5 octaves (C5-F6)
Tuning: A=442 Hz
Height adjustable: No
Height: 174 cm
Width: 82 cm
Depth: 60 cm
Accessories: Cover, two-tone mallet with storage pouch


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