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Adams Solist Series Marimba

Soloist Marimbas have keyboard and size options ideal for beginners and schools looking for a high quality, wooden bar instrument at an extremely affordable price.

Performance evolved

At Adams the affordable instruments are made with the same passion for performance than the most high-end instruments such as the Alpha series. Wether you are a beginning student or a professional player, we believe playing becomes more cheerful on a good instrument. The Adams Solist marimba is performance evolved at an extremely affordable price. 

Adams Soloist Series Marimbas feature the choice between select Honduras Rosewood bars or extremely economical African Padouk wood bars. Padouk bars offer an excellent alternative to Rosewood by producing a beautifully warm, woody sound at a fraction of the cost. Unlike other student model marimbas, all of the bars within the Soloist Series are graduated in width and slightly narrower than the Artist Series bars, enabling easier mallet spreads for beginning percussionists.

Moving your instrument mostly isn't easy for a percussionist. Therefore the both the rails and resonators of the Solist marimba fold in half, allowing the instruments to easily fit in the trunk of almost any car. Besides that, the Soloist Series resonators are welded for strength and noise-free dependability and styled with a durable powder-coated finish. 

Specificaties 4.3 oct.

Keyboard: Honduras Rosewood or Padouk
Bar width: 58 - 40 cm
Range: A2 – C7
Tuning: A = 442 Hz
Length: 185 cm
Low end: 90 cm
High End: 50 cm
Heigth: 85-105 cm
Weight: 66 kg
Frame: Adams Apex

Specificaties 4.0 oct.

Keyboard: Padouk
Bar width: 42 - 40 cm
Range: C3 – C7
Tuning: A = 442 Hz
Lengte: 165 cm
Low end: 90 cm
High End: 50 cm
Height: 75-95 cm
Weight: 63 kg
Frame: Adams Voyager

Specificaties 3.0 oct.

Keyboard: Padouk
Bar width: 52 - 40 cm
Range: C3 – C6
Tuning: A = 442
Length: 137 cm
Low end: 75 cm
High End: 50 cm
Heigth: 75-95 cm
Frame: Adams Voyager

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