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F2-LT Bugle

Elevate your band performances with the F2-LT Flugelhorn, meticulously developed in collaboration with renowned Cory Band soloist, Helen Williams. Designed to meet the exacting standards of band soloists, this instrument combines a solid core with unparalleled lyrical qualities, delivering a rich sound spectrum that effortlessly transitions from dark and round to clear and open.

Hybrid Design

The F2-LT boasts a revolutionary hybrid design that seamlessly integrates the heavy valve block of the F2 with the warm, resonant bell of the F3 and the lightweight bottom caps and branch of the F1, enhancing flexibility and versatility.

New Features

Setting the F2-LT apart is its innovative placement of the trigger on the branch, providing a narrower grip for enhanced comfort and control. Additionally, it features an extra water key on the first valve and optimized brace placement for improved resonance and response.

The Perfect Banding Instrument

Standard with a 0.50 brass bell in silver plate with a 170 mm bell flare diameter and a ML 10.5 mm bore, the F2-LT offers uncompromising quality and performance. Customizable only in finish, it is meticulously crafted to meet the demands of brass band and fanfare band musicians.

Specifications F2-LT

Key: Bb
Bell material: Hand hammered Brass
Bell diameter: 170 mm
Bore: ML 10.5 mm
Leadpipe: Nr. 2 (0.402") or nr. 3 (0.413")
Valve section: Nickel silver balusters with brass casing (heavy)
Valves: 3 x top center stainless steel
Finger buttons: Brass, mother of pearl
Waterkeys: Traditional (1st valve & main tuning slide)
Finish: Silver plate
Gauge: 0,50
Extra: Trigger placement on branch
Case: Included (Adams/Gard)

Your choice of mouthpiece is extremely personal and very important for playing pleasure. That is why we do not supply a standard mouthpiece with our instruments.

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