13th Adams International Flute Festival


Workshop Ademhaling

21 April 2018, 13:30 - 15:00
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This workshop is about one of the most important aspects of playing flute: Breathing.

How do you control your breathing in and out best? How can your way of breathing support to an active and positive contribution of your musical performance?
And, importantly, how to teach others how to do this.
In this workshop you get your first automatism innate awareness. A breathtaking experience that will most certainly have a positive influence on your way of playing.

Irene Hulst is also available for private lessons during the festival or at her home studio. For more information you can call her: +31 6 407 249 17



  • Irene Hulst Irene Hulst is breath therapist. In daily life she works with children and adults that have breathing problems.