12th Adams International Flute Festival


Telemann - Unlocking Creativity

22 April 2017, 13:30 - 14:45
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250 years after Georg Philipp Telemann’s death his music remains as original and innovative in style as when it was written.

In this lecture Petra Music will present an image of Telemann as a composer and musician in a historical setting while detailing an approach on how to perform his music on the flute today.
Telemann and his colleagues of the time will guide us to a better understanding of baroque performance practice citing examples from his music. We know Telemann as a highly gifted musician and composer. How could he have remained so creative and productive throughout his life? Recent research in the field of creativity will be presented, both offering a deep and meaningful way to better understand the great composer in the Telemann year of 2017 and giving us inspiration for our own musical journeys.



  • Petra Music Dr. Petra Music is flutist and pedagogue from Graz, Austria. She teaches flute, flute pedagogy and flute literature at t...