12th Adams International Flute Festival

Samedi 22 avril 2017


16-: for flutists till 16 years of age.

Warm Up 16-

Berdien Stenberg

Start this long day with sociable and educational ensemble playing and warmup yourself and your flute! With Berdien Stenberg.

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16-: for flutists till 16 years of age.

Workshop 16-

Berdien Stenberg

Een boeiende Workshop met Berdien Stenberg over de vele facetten van het fluitspelen. Speciaal voor onze jeugdige bezoekers.

Plus de renseignement

16-: for flutists till 16 years of age.

The Wrong Concert

Abigail Burrows

'The Wrong Concert' is an interactive musical comedy for children which features leading soloists and orchestral principals playing badly and the audience putting them right

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Mission Possible

Paul Edmund-Davies

How cool would it be if you could play along with sound tracks from famous movies? At this year's Adams Flute Festival we will make it happen!

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Suzuki Introduction

Machteld Van Geenhoven

The Suzuki method is very simple but also ingenious: every child can learn his mothertongue language. The central belief of Dr Suzuki, based on his language acquisition, is that all people are capable of learning from their environment.

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Workshop Jazz

Ali Ryerson

A jazz flute improvisation workshop for both experienced and aspiring jazz flutists.

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Workshop The New Flute

Tilmann Dehnhard

The New Flute - An introduction to modern playing techniques of the flute

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Warm Up in Flute Choir

Gareth McLearnon

For the very first time there will be an ADAMS Festival Flute Orchestra! We look forward to welcoming internationally renowned flutist, composer and ensemble director Gareth McLearnon to run this exciting addition to the schedule!

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Workshop Breath and Balance

Niall O'Riordan

Improve your Flute Playing from the Inside Out with the The Feldenkrais Method®

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Workshop Alexander Techniek

Helga Henckens

F M Alexander: "When you stop doing the wrong thing, the right thing does itself"

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Workshop Ademhaling

Irene Hulst

This workshop is about one of the most important aspects of playing flute: Breathing.

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Workshop The Innovate Flute

Sophie Dufeutrelle

Come to discover and perform La Volière du Puy/Le Puy Aviaries, composition of Sophie Dufeutrelle!

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Master Class Olga Ivusheikova

Olga Ivusheikova

Playing Baroque and Classical music on twentieth century flutes

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Showcase LefreQue

Nicole Esposito



Our own Duth flute Sextet 6Sense will play the afternoon concert on this Festival Saturday. Young and fresh arrangements in a new program!

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Benelux Fluitconcours

The Benelux Flute Competition (preliminary rounds in March 2017 and final on April 22, 2017) will be organized for amateur soloists only (divided into four age categories) from the Benelux. The registration closed on January 1, 2017.

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Lunchbreak Concert

Ilonka Kolthof

Ilonka Kolthof, piccolo Anne Veinberg, piano

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Gala Concert

Andrea Lieberknecht

Andrea Lieberknecht - Flute Anna Garzuly - Flute Cordula Hacke - Piano

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Telemann - Unlocking Creativity

Petra Music

250 years after Georg Philipp Telemann’s death his music remains as original and innovative in style as when it was written.

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