13th Adams International Flute Festival

40+ und 16-

Veranstaltung nicht mehr Aktiv

Alle Events des Flötenfestivals sind offen für alle Altersgruppen und Niveaus. Es gibt jedoch zwei Ausnahmen:
16- heisst Teilnehmer sollen 16 Jahre alt sein oder jünger als 16.
40+ heisst Teilnehmer sollen 40 Jahre alt sein oder älter als 40.



  • Ali Ryerson With a career spanning over four decades, jazz flutist Ali Ryerson consistently ranks among the top flutists in the Down...

  • Irene Hulst Irene Hulst is breath therapist. In daily life she works with children and adults that have breathing problems.

  • Rogier de Pijper Rogier de Pijper is a Dutch flutist who specialized in extended techniques on the flute. We are very happy that he will...

  • Szabolcs Szilágyi Mr. Szabolcs Szilágyi was born to a family of artists. His father is an actor and his mother is a cultural manager, who...