13th Adams International Flute Festival

40+ and 16-

All events of the Flute Festival are open for all ages and levels. There are, however, two exceptions:
When indicated 16- participants should be 16 years of age or younger
When indicated 40+ participants should be 40 years of age or older



  • Anna Garzuly The flutist Anna Garzuly-Wahlgren was born in Szombathely / Hungary. She studied first in Budapest and Munich, and gradu...

  • Irene Hulst Irene Hulst is breath therapist. In daily life she works with children and adults that have breathing problems.

  • Elisabeth Hobbs Elisabeth studied with Gareth Morris at the Royal Academy of Music where she gained her degree and recital diploma. She...

  • Gareth McLearnon Gareth McLearnon is an internationally renowned and multi-award-winning flutist, composer, arranger and educator who tra...