13th Adams International Flute Festival 20 - 22 April

40+ and 16-

All events of the Flute Festival are open for all ages and levels. There are, however, two exceptions:
When indicated 16- participants should be 16 years of age or younger
When indicated 40+ participants should be 40 years of age or older



  • Rogier de Pijper Rogier de Pijper is a Dutch flutist who specialized in extended techniques on the flute. We are very happy that he wil...

  • Ali Ryerson With a career spanning over four decades, jazz flutist Ali Ryerson consistently ranks among the top flutists in the Down...

  • Sophie Dufeutrelle Sophie DUFEUTRELLE, flutist, teacher and composer has developed an original artistic career which includes pedagogy, con...

  • Flute Ensemble KCB Brussels The flute ensemble consists of bachelor and master flute students from the Royal Conservatory of Brussels.