Symposion Für Flöte Innsbruck

Master Class

Activité n'est plus valable

A Master Class is an individual lesson of 45 minutes given by one of our guest teachers. You can register as an active participant in this master class, or as an auditor.
Active participant: you subscribe on the application form for a certain time. Then you enter one or two works you want to play. You get a 45-minute lesson. During this lesson audience may be present. Registration as an active participant also gives you free access to the entire day of classes of this teacher.
Auditor: You subscribe on the registration form for a particular master class. This subsciption allows you to stay in that class all day. You can not play yourself, you learn from what others do.
It is not allowed to book 2 master classes with the same teacher on the same day!



  • Roz Trübcher Roz Trübcher ist Gründerin und Direktorin von Trübcher Music Publishing.

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  • Peter Swinkels Peter Swinkels est né dans le sud des Pays-Bas et joue de la flûte depuis l'âge de huit ans. Après son collège, il étudi...

  • Günther Handl Günther Handl diplomierte am Tiroler Landeskonservatorium und an der Universität Mozarteum Salzburg. In den folgenden be...