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Sophie Dufeutrelle

Sophie DUFEUTRELLE, flutist, teacher and composer has developed an original artistic career which includes pedagogy, concertizing and composition.
This original profile raises a growing interest since 1990 among professional flutists, both in solo repertoire as pedagogical repertoire that Sophie Dufeutrelle has been
developing for thirty years.

Sophie Dufeutrelle's musical language, combining contemporary and classical vocabulary, captivates audience by its accessibility and musicians by its innovative and positive discourse.
In 2016, she received two awards for her works:
- Musical Teaching Award 2016 for 'Marine', piece for flute orchestra, awarded by the Union of Music Publishers in France;
- Award as finalist in Newly Published Flute Competition, awarded by National Flute Association (NFA) in USA.

In France, she realized more than 200 days of master classes about her repertoire and contemporary music, thus responding to invitations of teachers of conservatories, academies and musical schools. Since 2010, her activity has expanded to Europe and North and South America, leading her away to Switzerland, Norway, Germany, Croatia, England, Sweden, French Guiana, Spain, Argentina, Bolivia, and USA (three times invited in NFA: 2012, 2015, 2016).
Passionate by all size flutes, Sophie DUFEUTRELLE is the linchpin for development of flute choirs and orchestra in France, through a truly original repertoire putting forward quality, musical pleasure, discovering of extended techniques, group playing and improvisation, personal development of every musician.
Over the past 25 years her works became a must in France as abroad. Flute classes and choirs play them in France, Switzerland, Austria, Turkey, Germany, USA, Norway, Canada, Belgium, Spain…
Great names of the flute have asked her as a composer, while others have created her works or prefaced her works (Maxence LARRIEU, Philippe BERNOLD, Matthias ZIEGLER, Jean-Louis BEAUMADIER, Peter SHERIDAN...) .