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Adams Alpha Series now available at your dealer

27 November 2012

After a successful introduction at several trade shows and music festivals last summer, the Adams Alpha Series instruments are now available at your preferable dealer. All Alpha instruments: marimba, vibraphone and xylophone, are available in 9 different colour combinations. All instruments are tuned in the new Alpha Tuning Method.

The Alpha Series marimba is available in 5 and 4.3 octave ranges. Both instruments have an upgraded Voyager frame system and Honduras rosewood bars.

The Alpha Series vibraphone is available with Traveller and Voyager frame and with silver or golden bars.

The Alpha Series xylophone has a quint tuned, Honduras rosewood keyboard with powerful non-graduated bars.

Colour combinations

01  Graphite - Black
02  Graphite - Desert
03  Graphite - Satin Gold
04  Walnut - Black
05  Walnut - Desert
06  Walnut - Satin Gold
07  Whitewash - Black
08  Whitewash - Desert
09  Whitewash - Satin Gold

Ordering codes

Marimba 5 octave: 2MBAHA50HRV + colour combination nr
Marimba 4.3 octave: 2MBAHA43HRV + colour combination nr

Vibraphone with Traveller frame: 2VBAHA30T + colour combination nr + S for silver or G for golden bars
Vibraphone with Voyager frame: 2VBAHA30V + colour combination nr + S for silver or G for golden bars

Xylophone: 2XFAHA40HRV + colour combination nr


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