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Meeus, Bruno (Belgium)

ADAMS DRUMMERS FESTIVAL - 19 september 2004
ADAMS DRUM MASTERCLASS - 28 october 2004
ADAMS DRUM MASTERCLASS - 13 october 2005
ADAMS DRUM CLINIC - 8 december 2013

Bruno Meeus, for many years one of the leading drummers on the Belgian scene, has been performing in Belgium and throughout Europe for the last 3 decades. Notorious for eclectic drum-explosions, clock-tight grooves, odd-time playing, combinations with Rock, Latin, ethnic, jazz & funk orientated music, he collaborated with major acts like Wizards of Ooze, One Cent people, Zap Mama, Matt Dawson Band, Stan Webb's Chicken Schack, Bugs Henderson, J. Mascis, etc, and presents solo performances and Master classes. His instruction books offer a unique perspective on definitive changes in your playing.

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