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North Bridge Flute Academy

Sunday 23 April 2023 | 11:15 - 12:15 | Demo hall

In this interactive workshop with Paul Edmund-Davies, practical solutions to performance technical issues will be investigated, analysed and then worked on!  

From sound through to breathing, finger work, articulation and other areas of our playing, no two days can ever be the same. Therefore, to be able to prepare repertoire with consistency and to have a range of solutions for a more secure and interesting outcome, a plan of action is surely no bad thing! 
Using well-known flute works to be found on the North Bridge Flute Academy website, along with material posted on Simply Flute, participants will be able to experience how a simple exercise, can dramatically enhance and improve the pieces that they love to play.

Throughout the class and joining Paul, those attending will be able to play along to piano accompaniments, also to be found on the North Bridge Flute Academy website.  

This workshop is sponsored by North Bridge Flutes and is best suited to flute players of an intermediate or advanced level. There will however be material incorporated for those of a more elementary level as well. All are welcome! 

Paul Edmund-Davies
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