Adams Musical Instruments - Together in Music

Flute Choir 40+

Sunday 23 April 2023 | 13:30 - 15:00 | Demo hall

Blow the Flute Festival away together in the Flute Choir? Then sign up and play along under the direction of Rogier de Pijper in the Adams Festival Flute Choir.


Playing the flute is of course very nice, but it is even nicer to do that in a group! So sign up for this Flute Choir that will rehearse a beautiful program under the inspiring leadership of Rogier de Pijper. This Flute Choir 40+ is intended for adult amateur flutists!
Just do it! You will receive the music by email at least two weeks in advance, so that you are well prepared at the start!

Rogier is the initiator and organizer of Flutopia, an organization that organizes events for amateur flutists several times a year.For more information about Flutopia, please click here.

Rogier de Pijper
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