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Ergonomics young flute players

Saturday 22 April 2023 | 15:15 - 16:15 | Room A

A good attitude: Waveline flutes for flute teachers and students. Especially with young flutists there is a serious danger of incorrect posture while playing the flute!

There are many tools on the market that reduce this danger. In this workshop we take a closer look at the Waveline flute. What is the advantage of this flute compared to flutes with a curved headjoint? What benefits does it have for attitude, for example?

We're not just talking about the Waveline flute, we're also going to test it out. Sufficient Waveline flutes are available during the workshop. Together we study on the Waveline flute and piece and we form a Waveline flute ensemble.

A fun, active workshop for flute teachers and students!

Rogier de Pijper wrote the beginners method '' and ''. In 2011 he started his project Flute Colors. A project in which Rogier is committed to making modern flute playing techniques accessible to flutists, composers and listeners. In 2016 his book Flute Colors was published with 112 exercises to improve flute playing through the use of modern playing techniques. Rogier regularly gives concerts and workshops all over the world.

This workshop is made possible by JUPITER Waveline flutes

Rogier de Pijper
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