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The Senior Flutist by Petra Music

Friday 22 April 2022 | 13:30 - 14:30 | Room D

More and more people play the flute at an old age. That often brings specific problems. How do you prevent this and how do you deal with it?

This session will examine the most common physical challenges that senior adult amateur flutists are confronted with and pedagogical tools that work best for these challenges. Results from a study conducted in 2015 indicated that the majority of senior adult amateur flutists suffer from (a) impaired mobility of hands; (b) decreased breath support; (c) incorrect posture; (d) impaired vision; lack of endurance/stamina; (f) inability to form correct embouchure, and (g) dry mouth. The findings of this study, in addition to Dr. Smith's documented experience with these musicians, suggest a variety of innovative solutions for how to approach these challenges and incorporate them into daily practice and instruction. If you teach this category of flutist, come and learn how to best adapt your teaching style to fit the needs of your students. If you identify as a senior adult amateur musician yourself, come and discover how to combat your challenges and find the solutions to physical issues you may face now or possibly in the future.

Dr. Petra Music
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