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Vic Firth

The company Vic Firth was founded by percussionist, teacher and businessman Vic Firth in 1963. Vic had never dreamt of starting a stick making company, but due to the frustration of the pour quality drumsticks he gained during the 12 years he played for the Boston Symphony Orchestra, he decided to make his own drumsticks, this turned out to be a great success. The brand Vic Firth is the best known and most sold drumstick in the world. Vic Firth produces sticks in all kinds of sizes, colours and materials, from drumsticks for drummers till sticks for marching bands. From mallets for marimbas, xylophones and timpani's till hammers for chimes. For every drummer or percussionist Vic Firth makes a stick or mallet. Next to that Vic Firth also produces a lot of related accessories such as hearing protection, stick and mallet bags and practice pads.

Below is a list of product categories of the brand Vic Firth.

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