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Josef Klier

Jozef Klier is a family-run business, founded in 1888. It was established in Kraslice in the former Sudetenland, which has become the Karlovy Vary region in the Czech Republic. This city is seen as the birthplace of musical instrument maker. Since 1669 until the present Kraslice has always housed at least one maker of musical instruments. In 1952 Roland Klier together with his father Jozef, whom the company is named after, expand the production of mouthpieces. The high quality of the new mouthpieces does not go unnoticed and the company had to move to their current location in Diespeck, Germany. In 1972 Roland Klier takes over the company. He widens the mouthpiece range. Furthermore next to the traditional manufacturing process he starts to use CNC technology. In 2003 Jürgen Klier takes over management of the company together with his wife Birgit Klier.

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