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Cympad was founded in the tear 2005 by Reton Hirschi a Swiss-based professional drummer and drum teacher. Reto noticed that the sound of his cymbals often was too loud during performances, recordings, rehearsals and teaching situations. Therefore he had to use earplugs or he found himself banished behind a Plexiglas wall at live concerts and during recordings. These solutions had a negative influence on his experience while playing drums. The earplugs modified the sounds of the drums and the Plexiglas wall disrupted his relationship with the audience. Reto was convinced that there had to be a better solution to “tame” his cymbals. To solve this problem, Reto had the idea of replacing the standard bottom cymbal felt with a larger one. This small change resulted in a noticeable change, the cymbals sounded less aggressive, less noisy and less washy, without influencing the characteristics sound if it. After further research , Reto took his idea to a higher level , changing the traditional felt washer for a washer made of an advanced cellular foam. This new technique was used for several types and strengths of sound control options. These cympads are for sale at Adams and available in several sizes and colours. Do you want to control the sound of your cymbals?

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