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Flute Ensemble KCB Brussels

The flute ensemble consists of bachelor and master flute students from the Royal Conservatory of Brussels.

The flute ensemble was initially started out of necessity. The curriculum of the students requires participation in at least 2 orchestral projects.
Because of the large number of flute students this was difficult to achieve, so our Bachelor students were united in a flute ensemble that performed annually in the conservatory.
This mini project was experienced as very instructive. On the one hand, artistic skills were developed and on the other hand it benefited the solidarity between the 2 flute classes of both teachers Frank Hendrickx and Carlos Bruneel. Soon, and still, the Master students are involved and, to the extent of the practical feasibility, there is collaboration with other departments. Not only because of extra instruments (double bass, percussion, harp ...) but also students from the composition class collaborated by making arrangements.
In addition to adaptations from the symphonic repertoire (Rossini, Tchaikovsky, Prokofiev, Ravel, Debussy ...), original music is also played for very specific line-ups such as works by Friedrich Kuhlau, Jindrich Feld, Edison Denisov, Ian Clarke and others.

In the meantime, the annual concert is not only performed once at KCB, but also at other locations, such as this year during the Adams Flute Festival.