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Perku-va is a percussion ensemble which is formed by five friends and percussion teachers from Murcia and Valencia. Years ago they decided to put their ideas and knowledge in common to create and produce musical projects to serve the musical and cultural development in the today´s society.

The casting of pieces and the quality in their performing will make that PerKu-Va’ s program surprise you not only due to the strong rhythm sense, also  the expressive and artistic care, everything fixed by a stage theatre view which will keep you floating on your seat until the end of the show wishing never the end of it.
Perku-va has participated in several musical events and international percussion festivals as  Ribarroja del Turia, Lorca, Cartagena, Perku-Lliria, Villahermosa and Chiapas (Méjico), Festival de Percusión in Puerto Rico, BUM Fest (Eslovenia), IPEW (Croatia), NOP in Graz (Austria), Auditorio de Murcia, Palau de la música de Valencia, etc.

Perku-va has different musical projects like “Percufonies”, “Percu-pop”, “Ibèrics”, also didactical projects as “Once upon a time… the percussion”  bringing the percussion music to young, programs as soloist with orquestra or wind band. After this long experience on stages Perku-va has realized always the same: The great pleasure to see the audience enjoying with the percussion music.

PerKu-Va is:
Toni Flores
Sergio Izquierdo
Alberto Marquina
Manel Ramada
Roberto Soria