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F Solo Tuba

Our F tuba is a re-design of the legendary Hirsbrunner tuba. From the very first beginning, some of the world's leading tuba players -Perry Hoogendijk (Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra) in particular- have been involved in the development of the instrument, to make sure it meets the highest expectations and set a new benchmark.  

Ideal for both, soloists and orchestra players, the instrument ensures supreme control and tonal clarity. The response is quick and secure, and the intonation extremely well. The F-Solo is characterised by its extreme eveness in all registers, which makes it a truly flexible instrument. The instrument has an excellent low range and a beautiful ringing tone in the high register.


  • Key: F
  • Bell: Yellow Brass
  • Bell diameter: 420 mm
  • Bore: 18 mm (1st, 2nd, 3rd valve), 19.5 mm (4th valve) and 19.5 mm (5th valve - rotary)
  • Finish: Silver plated
  • Gauge: 0.60

Build your own?

If you would like to configure your own tuba to your personal preferences, Adams will fully custom built your instrument. Please see this page for custom options.