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F3 Flugelhorn

Powerful Sound

The fully new F3 flugelhorn is a heavy built instrument with the F2 valve casing and wider bell taper, giving the instrument a beautiful dark and warm sound and great power in the top register. Less bracing ensures more resonance and the soldered bell lead provides extra core to the sound.

The new F3 is not intended as a soloist instrument, but has been re-developed with the section player in mind. The result is a flugelhorn that blends extremely well. 

The instrument comes in two standard configurations, both in an ML bore (10.5mm) with a 0.50 brass bell with a 170mm bell flare diameter, and in Satin Gold Lacquer and Silver Plate finishes. 


  • Bell: Yellow Brass – 170 mm
  • Bore: ML 10.5 mm
  • Finish: Silver Plated or Satin Gold Lacquered
  • Gauge: 0.50

Build your own?

If you would like to configure your own F3 flugelhorn to your personal preferences, Adams will fully custom built your instrument. Please see this page for custom options.

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