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Euphonium E2 Custom Series

Adams Custom Serie E2 - Build your own

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The E2 euphonium is the heavy brother of the E1, only available with 0.80 thickness. The instrument has heavy caps and struts, and has 4 reinforced compensated valves and supports, and a 310 mm diameter soldered bell for players who are looking for a heavier instrument. Because of the heavier weight, the instrument has more resistance and a more focussed and compact sound.

We offer our bells in a choice of gauge. In very general terms:

- The thinner the gauge of the bell results in a more energized, faster response.
- The ticker the gauge of the bell will result in more stability and density to the sound

Adams offers 4 di

Yellow Brass

This bell is an excellent mix of materials for all round work as this material is very versatile. The sound is clear and brilliant at all dynamic levels, with a good core and great projection.

Gold Brass

Like the yellow brass bell this is a very versatile material - a near perfect blend of warmth and projection. The gold brass brings a depth to the sound which is very smooth, rich and dark, however it is still a lively and agile instrument. It responds qu

Red Brass

The Red Brass bell material is an ideal choice for the soloist who is looking for the richest, warmest, thickest sound available. Higher in copper content than our other two bell choices this provides the player with the smoothest transitions from note to

Sterling Silver

Sterling silver is a very versatile material but also much more dependent on the individual’s particular ability level. Therefore we recommend this bell option for the serious amateur or professional. The general characteristics are the bell is much darke

Raw Brass

This is actually no finish. The raw material of the instrument is only polished.

Silver Plated

This finish will liven and energize the sound slightly.

Gold Plated

This finish will leave the sound very similar to the original raw state.

Clear Lacquer

The instrument keeps the look of the raw material.

Gold Lacquer

A gold tone is added to the clear lacquer.

Copper Lacquer

A copper tone is added to the clear lacquer.


Colored lacquer which gives the instrument a typical antique look.


An additional trigger can be build on every Adams Custom Series euphonium

Multi-Color Inlays

We have a large stock of different materials, if you want to customize your valve buttons.


Anything from your name to a complete custom made design is possible now for your instrument. For specific pricing and information, please contact your nearest authorized dealer.

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