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E2 Selected Model

Euphonium Adams Custom Serie E2 Selected Model, Messing beker, dikte 0,80mm, verzilverd

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The E2 euphonium is the heavy brother of the E1, only available with 0.80 thickness. The instrument has heavy caps and struts, and has 4 reinforced compensated valves and supports, and a 310 mm diameter soldered bell for players who are looking for a heavier instrument. Because of the heavier weight, the instrument has more resistance and a more focussed and compact sound.

Based on our knowledge and years of experience, Adams has created a Series of Selected Models, drawn from all of the possibilities offered in Adams Custom Series. The Selected Series is a clear overview of the most popular, or, in our opinion, the best combination of specifications from the thousands of possibilities found in the Adams Custom Series.

Please note that changes to the Selected Model specifications found in the Selected Series are not possible. Alternatively, please see the Custom Series configurator and price list on the following pages in order to build an instrument to your own specific requirements.

E1 selected model:

Bell: Yellow Brass - 310 mm
Bore: 15 mm - 1st, 2nd, 3rd valve and 16 mm 4th valve
Finish: Silver plated
Gauge 0.80

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