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Adams A3 Lackiert

Trompete (Bb) Adams Custom Serie A3 Selected Modell, Messing 0,60mm, Lackiert

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Artikelnummer: 1TPBADA30M60L


The Adams A3 trumpet feels comfortable in both symphonic and studio settings. The instrument ideally adept in jazz, commercial, and classical music this is a very popular choice for the trumpeters of today who want a horn with versatility in terms of the sound shape and articulation spectrum. A horn with a bright open sound and great flexibility.

The A3 Trumpet has a ML bore of 0.460 (11.7mm). It has a slightly smaller bell diameter than the A1 and A2 trumpets at 122mm and a thicker gauge of 0.60. The heavier gauge is balanced with a reverse leadpipe producing a very efficient instrument.

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