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Pearl/ Adams groups successful at WGI

24 April 2012

Past weekend was WGI World Championships in Dayton, OH. This year’s Championships hosted the all-time record number of groups in competition and the competition was fierce. Pearl/ Adams endorsed groups were incredibly successful in competition including the Independent World Class GOLD and SILVER medals being won by Riverside Community College (Riverside, CA) and Music City Mystique (Nashville, TN) respectively.

Below are a list of Groups that choose Pearl/Adams and were either medalists or finalists. First listed are the Independent Ensembles, then the Scholastic Ensembles.

- Riverside Community College (Independent World Champion - PIW)
- Music City Mystique (Independent World Silver Medalist - PIW)
- Rhythm X (Independent World Finalist - PIW)
- Gateway Indoor (Independent World Finalist - PIW)
- United Percussion (Independent World Finalist - PIW)
- Blue Knights Percussion Ensemble (Independent World Finalist - PIW)
- STRYKE Percussion Ensemble (Independent World Finalist - PIW)
- Eastside Fury Percussion (Independent World Class Finalist - PIW)
- George Mason University (Independent Open Champion - PIO)
- Orange County Independent (Independent Open Bronze Medalist - PIO)
- Capital City Percussion (Independent Open Finalist - PIO)
- Chattanooga Independent (Independent A Silver Medalist - PIA)
- Vegas Vanguard (Independent A Bronze Medalist - PIA)
- Double Stop Indoor Percussion (Independent A Finalist - PIA)
- Salem Blue Devils (Independent A Finalist - PIA)
- River Valley Independent (Independent A Finalist - PIA)
- Ancient City Ensemble (Independent A Finalist - PIA)

- Center Grove HS (Scholastic World Finalist - PSW)
- Father Ryan HS (Scholastic World Finalist - PSW)
- Forsyth Central HS (Scholastic World Finalist - PSW)
- Victor J. Andrew HS (Scholastic Open Silver Medalist - PSO)
- Franklin Central HS (Scholastic Open Bronze Medalist - PSO)
- Upper Darby HS (Scholastic Open Finalist - PSO)
- Dorman HS (Scholastic Open Finalist and FAN FAVORITE - PSO)
- Cy-Fair HS (Scholastic Open Finalist - PSO)
- Trumbull HS (Scholastic Open Finalist - PSO)
- Old Bridge HS (Scholastic Open Finalist - PSO)
- Pace HS (Scholastic Open Finalist - PSO)
- Freedom HS (Scholastic A Bronze Medalist - PSA)
- Nation Ford HS (Scholastic A Finalist - PSA)
- Westhill HS (Scholastic A Finalist - PSA)


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