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Jim Babor Clinic Tour

09 Dezember 2011

On sabbatical from the LA Philharmonic, Jim Babor takes time to stop at KU, UMKC, and CMU.

As part of his year-long sabbatical from his position with the Los Angeles Philharmonic, Jim Babor has found many ways to keep busy.  While having more time to pursue his scuba diving hobby, he  also has completed an October clinic tour of the University of Central Florida, University of Miami-Coral Gables, and the New World Symphony, and a November tour of the University of Kansas, University of Missouri Kansas City, and Carnegie Mellon University.  With the most recent leg of his tour completed, Babor will be finalizing preparations for an upcoming performance as soloist on Jennifer Higdon’s “Percussion Concerto” with the University of Southern California Orchestra.

During the most recent leg of his fall clinic tour, Jim visited the University of Kansas, hosted by Ji Hye Jung, University of Missouri - Kansas City, hosted by Christopher McLaurin, and Carnegie Mellon University, hosted by Jeremy Branson.  Babor was able to give an orchestra master class at all three schools, but was able to stay at CMU for an extended three day residency.

From CMU host Branson:  “Babor completed a three day stay at CMU, teaching lessons, conducting master classes, mock auditions, and coaching a rehearsal of the CMU Philharmonic for an upcoming concert featuring Mahler’s Fifth Symphony.  It was a pleasure hosting Jim, and that students and I plan to have him back soon.”

After finally getting back home to LA, Babor was able to comment on his most recent events:

“I've really enjoyed the last few weeks teaching master classes at UMKC, KU, and CMU. I have been able to teach individual lessons, master classes, and coaching sessions, all focusing on orchestral percussion and how to apply certain exercises, études, and solos to playing specific excerpts. I covered études from Delecluse’s “Douze Etudes pour Caisse Claire” in my classes.  I love these études because they force the students to play in extremes; from extremely loud to extremely soft, and include very fast singles, rolls, and require extremely precise ornamentation.  It's been great for me to meet and work with so many talented and enthusiastic young percussionists this fall, and I'm very thankful for the support I've received from Pearl and all of the universities involved.”


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