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DWF 2012 - tHUNder Duo

tHUNderDuo ist eine eindrucksvolle Erfahrung, wo sich Welten begegnen und über den Weg der Musik miteinander kommuniziert wird. Kornel und Gabor machen zusammen immer wieder eine Reise um die Welt. Während dieser Reise fühlt man, welche Kontinente besucht werden und sorgt ihr Spiel in Kombination mit ihrer Technik für eine packende Visualisierung. Die improvisierten Solos balancieren oft gefährlich auf dem Unbekannten, um danach reibungslos mit packenden Grooves und bekannten Mustern zusammenzufallen. Kurz, ein Gewinn für diese 9. Edition und bestimmt der Mühe wert, sich anzusehen, zu hören und zu erleben.

tHUNder Duo is:

Kornel Horvath:

With a flurry of his hands, the armada of percussion pieces surrounding him come to life, speaking the language of rhythm with tones that range from the exotic to the earthy… happy, sad, peaceful, viscious, red, white, black, the sounds you hear and the colors your mind sees when he's making music are what make Kornel such a very unique and special percussionist. With hundreds of recordings and thousands of performances with dozens of rock, pop, jazz, contemporary, world, and improvised music artists to his credit, Kornel has expanded the possibilities of percussion into new worlds beyond his Latin, African and Indian music influences. Such creative innovation has seen him receive many awards and invitations to play and teach at festivals and percussion events around the globe.

A visionary musician whose style and sound offer new perspectives on percussion in the 21st century, with tHUNder Duo Kornel Horvath weaves his rhythms in and around the drumming of Gabor Dornyei, creating pure magic with that armada of percussion and every flurry of his hands. www.kornelhorvath.com

And Gabor Dornyei
With slick syncopations and deep and funky grooves punctuated by wicked chops, the drumming of Gabor Dornyei packs energy and appeal that can seduce a crowd in an intimate club, or bring an arena-packed audience of thousands to its feet. Hand-picked to tour the world with the sensational 'Michael Jackson - Thriller' production, with tHUNder Duo Gabor turn grooves inside out as he dips in, out, and around the percussive forays of his percussionist partner, Kornel Horvath. It is in this setting - drummer and percussionist launching rhythms like rockets - that he discovers more convoluted patterns and even odder time signatures.

He claims music wiped out everything else in his life, but as a natural-born drummer Gabor quickly made his mark, before move from Budapest to London then to touring the world. When you hear first slap of the kick, the snap of his snare, and a sudden burst of energy as crashes come to life under a rapid whipping of his sticks, you know he's got it happening. Gabor Dornyei grooves! www.gabordornyei.com


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