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Workshop Körperhaltung und Atmung

Samstag 29 Oktober 2022 | 15:00 - 16:00 | Raum B

Prevention of musculoskeletal complaints in musicians (Vera Baadjou en Valerie Tillie)

Supplies for the workshop

  • Instrument
  • Tight outerwear, comfortable pants (no skirt or dress)
  • Pen and paper

The workshop will be practical in the way of posture while playing. It is an addition to the theoretical part that Vera Baadjou tells.

To lay a foundation, exercises are first done which have goals of better balance, better blood circulation, more grounding and more relaxation of the total body. These are conditions for, for example, to be able to get good breath support and a relaxed playing position. These exercises are performed standing and sitting.

Then we will apply this while sitting or standing, without and with the instrument.