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Adams Revolution Pauken


  • Available in three bowl types
  • Patented Balanced Action Pedal System
  • Patented Un-coupling Mechanism
  • Foldable Base
  • Patented Height Adjustable System
  • Patented Wide Range Fine Tuner
  • Possibility to play without base
  • Adjustable Spring Tension
  • Possibility to use Calf Heads
  • Large Double-Wheel Casters and Pedal Casters
  • Tuning Gauge
  • Tuning Key and Felt Mute

Innovative Design, Great Portability

With the Adams patented Balance Action System, for the first time ever, calf heads can be used on a balanced action pedal system. This innovative system ensures a smoothly operating pedal system, even if the heads are stretched out. An octave can be achieved from each drum with the hand fine tuner connected to this system. 

The Revolution timpani are the most practical, portable, high quality timpani ever created. The base and the bowl of the Revolution timpani easily separate without tools, making these the only truly portable high quality drums on the market. When separated from the base, each Revolution timpani maintains tension on the head and has a range of a 5th using the fine-tuning feature. The base itself folds and locks, and can be carried easily using the built-in handle.

The Large Double-Wheel Casters and Pedal Casters make the Revolution timpani move extremely easy, and adjusting the height of the instrument never was as easy before with the newly developed system on the Adams Revolution timpani.   


This is no ordinary timpani. This is the most innovative timpani ever.



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