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Getzen 3895 Gelakt

Bugel Getzen 3895, Custom Series, 3-ventiel, trigger, dubbelkoffer trompet + bugel, gelakt

€ 2.840,- Incl. 21% BTW

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Artikelnummer: 1BG0GT38950L


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Waarom Adams?

  • Moderne reparatieafdeling
  • Al meer dan 50 jaar ervaring en passie
  • 2 winkels in Ittervoort en Lummen


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If a dark mellow sound is what you’re looking for, Getzen has a line of versatile Flugelhorns that will meet your needs. As with all Getzen piston instruments, all Getzen Flugelhorns feature the legendary Getzen valve section with nickel plated, nickel silver pistons that combine lightening quick response with outstanding durability.

The Eterna Series 895 and 896 Flugelhorns feature traditional flugelhorn configuration of the first and third valve slides. An available trigger option on the 895 model and the standard fourth valve on the 896 model ensures that both offer the player better intonation and easier playability. This makes the Eterna Series Flugelhorns perfect for any jazz, concert, or brass band.

The 700 Series and Capri Series Flugelhorns are made with both the student and serious amateur in mind. Offering such features as a first valve trigger on the 595 Capri model and traditional valve section configuration on the 795S model. Both models are designed to give the player professional features at a moderate price without sacrificing their free blowing nature and dark tone quality.

Bb Flugelhorn

  • Bore Size: .420"

  • Inside Slides: Hand lapped nickel silver

  • Mouthpipe: Yellow brass

  • Standard American Shank Receiver

  • Bell: 6½" yellow brass

  • Intonation Aids: Third slide trigger

  • Mouthpiece: 3C Flugel

3895 Options

  • Bright Silver Plate

  • 6½" Gold Brass Bell

  • Hand Engraving

  • Custom Etching Available


  • 24K Gold Plate Trim Kit


Constantly striving to add more high quality instruments to the Custom Series line, Getzen is proud to announce the all new Getzen small bore flugelhorn.

The 3895 Custom Series flugelhorn is a completely new design built around a small (.420") bore valve set featuring nickel silver valve balusters and our famous, nickel silver pistons. By far, the most important advancement of this design is the all new, revolutionary first branch (bell to valve set). This new branch has been nicknamed the "Tone Branch" because of the dramatic effect it has had on this flugel, making the 3895 perhaps the most in tune flugelhorn ever built.

Getzen offers two high quality finish options. One is our specially formulated, baked epoxy lacquer that shows off the natural color of the instrument. The other is our signature silver plate with a brightness that is unmatched in the industry.

Not all finishes are offered on all models. Check individual model options to determine availability.

Clear Lacquer

Clear lacquer is the most economical of all finish options. The durable finish protects the brass from tarnishing while allowing the natural beauty of the metals to shine through.

Bright Silver Plate

Bright silver plate is a very popular finish with most musicians. It provides a bright, uniform finish to the instrument while protecting the brass from tarnishing. Silver can become tarnished over time however and requires occasional cleaning or polishing to maintain its bright shine.

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