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Adams Dresden Vintage Pauken

Re-engineered from the ground up, Adams Dresden Vintage timpani were painstakingly designed, taking cues from Dresden drums of the 19th and early 20th centuries.

These instruments utilize modern Adams innovations while retaining their unique vintage look and sound. Dresden Vintage Timpani feature a special extra-thin vintage profile with handmade hammered bowls that are finished in a unique etched red-tinted lacquer, creating a striking visual presence within any ensemble. Frame components are lacquered red with hand-detailed gold pin-striping.

With the Dresden Vintage timpani we recreated the sound, look and simplicity of the legendary Dresden instruments making as few alterations as possible and making subtle improvements where it was vital.  The castings are cast steel (molds blueprinted and cast from original parts) and the bowls are hand made two piece .08 thick copper with a replicated hand hammered finish just as the originals.

Details such as finer teeth on the ratchet, a transfer bar for the fine tuner on the players side, accidental tabs on the tuning gauge and a slightly sharper lip on the bowl make this drum far more versatile than the originals. The precision construction of the suspension rings, counterhoops and lip of the bowls mean that these parts are very flat, round and true which is a trait the originals could never boast.

The fine tuner looks similar to the original yet moves easily and has a lift handle that can also be moved out of the way of your knees. You will get an authentic original Dresdner sound without all the problems and inconsistencies that the originals have always been known for. This is by far the most accurate reproduction of any Dresdner style drum to date.  


Ketel: 0.8mm koper, handgemaakte met geëtste rode lak
Ketelmaten: 20"-23"-26"-29"-32"
Bodem: Staal
Steunen: 8x in staal, uitgefreesd
Ophangring: Staal, plat profiel
Spanring: Vierkant, staal
Pedaal: Replica tandkrans in Dresden stijl
Stemaccessoires: Pistoolhendel fijnstemmer aan de spelerskant
Finish: Rood gelakt met handgeverfde gouden pinstripe  
Vellen: Super Kalfo 
Extra: Afdekplaten, hoes, stemsleutel en viltdemper
Optioneel: Flightcases

Duitse Set-up
Opstelling pauken van links naar rechts: 20"-23"-26"-29"-32"

Amerikaanse Set-up
Opstelling pauken van links naar rechts: 32"-29"-26"-23"-20"

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